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It's been such a long time I last blogged, it almost feels alien to me but I'm super happy to be back, and today I'm hauling haircare...

My hair is currently (well it has been for the past couple of years) short, black, dry and dehydrated which is totally not through choice. Thanks medication. I feel like I've been on a quest to grow it forever and I don't typically treat it badly but there is only so long before a girl becomes bored of her mane. My time is now, so I called my hairdresser and booked in to get rid of the black but with seven weeks before my appointment I wanted to treat my tresses and try fading some of the dye myself.

The first thing that made their way into my basket are my all time favourite, dare I say it, holy grail Tresemme Salon Silk Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair just loves these products, probably because of the silicone. Hands down, Tresemme is the best drugstore brand I've found for adding moisture and giving my hair a fighting chance of looking silky smooth.

Now lets talk Redken. I've been wanting to grab some of the Extreme collection for a long old time because it was created to restore damaged hair. I picked up the Cat Protein Treatment to use as a quick in between shampooing and conditioning treatment to actually repair my hair from the inside out. Next up, I just had to try out the Anti-Snap Treatment after hearing the endless buzz about it. It works as a leave in conditioner, my favourite kind of haircare product, which promises to strengthen and reinforce the cuticle internally reducing breakage. Sounds promising right? I've got to say, I've already tried this out and I felt the difference instantly, my hair was even commented on for looking so healthy. Result - although beware, the treatment isn't a quick fix.

On to the scary stuff, well it's not really but for a gal that hunts moisture and not clarifying it is. I picked up Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo to start shifting the build up of box dyes I've used on my hair. I'm not talking some miracle chemical free wonder product to return me back to my natural colour but I am hoping the anti-dandruff and clarifying elements make a little change, if not for my eyes to see but for when my hairdressers starts the colour correcting process.

It's really nice to be back blogging again. Thanks for reading!

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