Body | Five Steps To Soft Summer-Ready Feet

Prep your pieds ahead of sandal season with my fuss-free guide to the ultimate treat for your feet. Cracked heels never looked good on anyone...

Summer is in full swing and the flip-flops are out, you've suddenly got to produce your talons from beneath your cotton socks and lets not kid ourselves, they're probably not looking their best. Today I'm going to talk you through a clear-cut pedicure routine that's convenient to maintain.

Step 1 // Dry Skin, Be Gone
The Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File will revolutionise your usual pedicure routine. It's designed for ease of use. The fast rotating roller head instantly sands away hard skin effortlessly, long gone are the days of using all your energy rasping, the gadget does the work for you. Needless to say, make sure your feet are clean and dry so you can pin-point the areas that need tackling, for me it's usually my big toe and heels. It's worth popping a towel down to catch all the dusty dead skin cells or if the sun's shining, file outside.

Step 2 // Hydrate and Rejuvenate
The key to keeping your feet looking young is the combination of exfoliating and moisturising. Freshen up with the Montagne Jeunesse Foot Buffer, a finely milled grit that renews dead skin cells with newer ones resulting in soft skin without any greasy residue. For that silky feeling, use a replenishing foot mask which works by exposing the skin to ingredients for a longer period of time. If you've got that little bit longer, spend a few minutes massaging your feet (or rope someone else in to do it) to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy feet.

Step 3 // Tend To Your Cuticles
The bane of my nail world. Cream up with Boots Salon Cuticle Remover - there's no need to go fancy, they're all the same - and massage in the gentle exfoliator. Go crazy with your tools; push back, clip, snip and ultimately remove those bad boys. Back in the day, when I was able to perform pedicures on clients, I definitely came up against my fair share of big toe cuticles that needed nursing. Skip the cuticle oil at this stage, that comes later.

Step 4 // Trim Your Toenails
Clippers and a file are your essentials. Don't cut too short, ingrown toenails are painful and they're certainly not pretty. I prefer the classic square shape, cut straight across, it looks neat and tidy but whatever tickles your pickle. File straight across but soften any sharp edges by bevilling your nails too. Do this by filing the tip of your nail downwards keeping the emery board curved. If you really want to go all out, go ahead and buff.

Step 5 // Polish... Or Go Au Naturel
Picking your polish is the fun part, or the tricky part depending on the size of your collection. Pinks, corals, nudes are the hues of this season. Funk it up with flamboyant neon or pastel shades. The front-runner for me this summer is China Glaze 'Thistle Do Nicely'. A base coat and top coat, as always, are must-haves to stop staining and keep your pampered peids chip-free. Go ahead and whack on the conditioning Boots Salon Cuticle Oil once your nails are dry.


  1. Yes! Finally! I've been looking for an article like this. My feet are horrible and dry :/

    Thank you!!

  2. Great tips, need to get my hands on some cuticle remover!

    Alice // Sheer Beautiful // Bloglovin' x

    1. It's good stuff, it really helps with softening the cuticles to make them easy to get rid of x

  3. Wonderful post, I tend to neglect my feet which is very bad but with this post in mind I'll be motivated to give them more care!


    1. Thanks. I love giving myself an at-home pedi, it's the perfect little treat and I always feel like I'm walking on clouds afterwards! x


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