The Refresh

We all need a little spruce up now and again, something fresh that brings out the best in us. Well this time it's my blog's turn...

The new era of blogging is daunting, templates are sleek and photographs are professional and clean - a part from the ones in this post, I tried guys, I tried. Leading up to the comeback of Barbie Sparkles, I knew it needed some TLC. I've been learning how to optimise my bridge camera, doing my homework on aperture and reading up on shutter speed. It's all very complicated but my photography skills have definitely improved. It's not what camera you've got, it's how you use it.

Pipdig, the folks who I purchased my new and improved blog template from are undoubtedly responsible for the majority of the designs you see on other bloggers sites. They offer custom, semi-custom and premade templates for Blogger and Wordpress which are generally very affordable. A side from the beautiful and simplistic designs, I decided on Pipdig because their templates are mobile responsive. For the most part I catch up on posts via social media using my phone so having an attractive and polished design was paramount.

So, I'm back blogging. What does this mean for Barbie Sparkles? Well, I don't have a post schedule but you can expect new content from me once/twice weekly. I run my blog as a hobby and I find putting pressure on myself to deliver and keep up with the next person really stressful. Combine that with my ill health and personal life and I'll be on bed rest for a week. What you can watch out for is outfit posts, they're my favourite kind to read and I find them super inspiring. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you'd like to see.

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