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Arms and legs. Legs and arms. I stuck two fingers up to society and rocked this lovely little navy number and felt fabulous. You can too... 

Heart Back Ribbed Skater Dress* // Lovedrobe
Box Clutch // New Look
White Wedge Sandals // New Look
Necklace // Primark

When the sunshine beams down, I usually stay covered up in fear of being judged by those who find my body offensive. As well as getting real sweaty, it makes me hate summer. But as well as telling myself, I want to encourage you to feel fabulous, dress to impress and to love yourself. Society has opinions, but their just that; opinions. They're not facts, they're not evidence and quite frankly they can bugger off.

Lovedrobe recently revamped their site, which always calls for a little browse - and I must say I'm mighty impressed with the collection of dresses. Offered the chance to prance a round in one, I picked out the Heart Back Ribbed Skater Dress in this classy but casual shade of navy.

Shimmer slightly embellishes the navy fabric, so faint it passes as a day dress but enhanced with sparkles and gems, it's party perfect. The subtle sweetheart neckline is on point for showing just the right amount of boob, without the feeling of being strangled by a turtle neck. Anybody else feel like that? Just me? A smoothing and protective underlining of the skirt and the well-made quality of the dress makes it feel premium. The cut out heart adds that special something, it may be business in the front but it's extra fun and feminine at the back. The best bit... it's on sale. Heads up, Lovedrobe regularly hold giveaways on their twitter and instagram which gives you (and me) the chance to try their dreamy dresses for free.

This post features a PR Sample.


  1. Offensive?! Oh heck to the no! This dress looks gorgeous and so are you~ Stay fierce <3
    She Will Be

    1. Thanks lovely, you've really made my day! x

  2. You look so elegant and classy!

  3. Loving this get up babe. Plus you are totes rocking it!! I would love to get that dress myself & that box clutch.... Yah the whole thing. Ha ha.
    Kate XxX

  4. You look stunning, loving the entire outfit and the colour suits you 👍🏿

  5. Such a beautiful dress, the colour really suits you and I LOVE the heart cut out on the back!!

  6. I think you're absolutely fabulous! That dress is gorgeous, the colour suits you so much and the heart detail on the back is adorable! xx

  7. That dress looks so cute and dantie. And the oufit is beautiful and well, you look amazing! xx

  8. Love that dress and the back is cuteee!!
    Beautiful look.
    Visit me whenever you can,

  9. That dress looks great on you! I love the colour, so cute!

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  10. This dress looks gorgeous, I love the cut out heart on the back! Also; you look gorgeous, truly fabulous! :)
    - Molly x

  11. This dress looks absolutely amazing on you!! You look really lovely xo

  12. Really love your outfit ! xo
    Can we follow each other ? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo

    BLOG | GorisHelena

  13. Nice dress, love it :) Kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  14. I hate Summer too, even though I live in its eternal weather Hahaha! I love your outfit, and the gorgeous heart cut out! It's amazing! I have to check out Lovedrobe! Looks freaking fantastic! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  15. What a lovely dress! I love the accessories you picked out too.


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