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Skinny jeans are a staple in pretty much all our wardrobes but the struggle to find the perfect pair is something that plagues us all...

Crepe Jacket // Evans
Metal Block Sandals // New Look
Handbag // New Look

The length is wrong, the fit feels funny, the knees go baggy and they are just not quite the right shade. Why is it so difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans? With my tree trunk legs, the search for a good pair of jeans has spread far and wide. But I think I've found the perfect pair.

Evans is where I found my perfect plus-size jeans. They are a brand I've slowly seen evolving recently, they seem to be ditching the not-so-glam-Grandma style in favour of on trend core pieces. If you've seen my recent outfit posts, you'll know I've raved about their bright and beautiful blazers recently - which I seem to have got a collection of. I discovered their Ultrastretch Skinny Jeans after hearing reviews full of praise and I'm so glad I tried them.

Despite being made of the usual cotton, polyester and elastane, the jeans don't feel like jeans. Well they do, but they don't. They feel like a hybrid of denim and leggings but they definitely don't belong in the jeggings category. Being super comfortable, I've found myself becoming much more of a jeans girl then I ever was, which I'm really enjoying, especially as we are coming into Autumn. I couldn't improve the fit if I tried, they really aren't restrictive at all and they rise high which helps to suck the stomach in a little. There's no signs of sagging in the knee area, even with my chunky legs which is something I think we all look for in our every day denim. My only quibble, it's just a little one, is the slight fading I noticed after the first wash and although there is a sticker labelling this likely consequence, I do like my black jeans really black. As I say, it's only very slight and hasn't put me off purchasing a second pair - which is of course essential when finding a perfect pair of jeans. Please bare with the photography on my outfit posts, both my boyfriend and I are still figuring out all this bridge camera malarky. I promise I'm not that orange and my feet aren't that white. Let me know where your perfect pair of jeans are from, I'd really like to know.


  1. I love Evans, I can never go past without popping in. The jeans and top look really nice on you, the top is just the right length for me too and hangs so well.

  2. These look amazingly comfortable, I also struggle to find good skinny jeans for my thighs and bum, but I may have to give these a go!

  3. You look great! Well-fitting jeans are such a mission to find - I've literally been reduced to tears in a changing room before out of sheer frustration! I'm so glad you've found a pair that suit you so well, they look great.

  4. You look really lovely here! I hate buying jeans, I always find it impossible to find anything that works. x

    Jordan Alice

  5. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! It's like it was made for you. It's tailored so well, pulling you in, in all the right places!
    Bee |


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