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ASOS Curve Fit and Fit Polka Dot Dress
Inspired by the incredible bloggers at UK Plus-Size Fashion Week, I'm sharing my swishy new monochrome dress and talking confidence-boosting clothing...

Spot Mesh Insert Fit and Flare Midi Dress // ASOS Curve
Leather Biker Jacket // ASOS Curve (old)
Sandals // New Look (old)

Sometimes an outfit can make you feel like a princess, just like this one did. Clothes are freakin' fabulous, they can transform your mood tremendously and allow you to express yourself. The swishy skirt of this dotty dress had me twirling and feeling fantastic. And yes, I had my legs out for the world to see again. It didn't matter what the world thought of them in the moment I pranced and posed for these photos. I have the body I have, why shouldn't I love it because it's not the size glossy magazines want it to be. I have curves that aren't 'in all the right places' according to the model mannequins in most shop windows. Learning to accept and even become rather fond of my body has given me bouts of confidence I've never experienced before, it's far from the crime I was made to believe from bullying and teasing through-out my teens.

To anyone, anywhere, believe in yourself. You've got this. You are the beholder of your beauty, your confidence, your self-esteem and your damn fine body. I'm inspired to feel the positivity I do and I can only hope I'm helping someone who felt the same feelings I did, only months a go.

In jest, I wanted to describe myself as a pound shop Danielle Vanier as I fell in love with this midi dress after seeing her rocking it. Despite being boldly patterned, it's so versatile - to me, it screams 'rock chic' and I adore it styled with block red accessories, but equally it looks pretty when complimented with pastel pink. Roomy is how I'd describe the fit, loose and flowing it feels super comfortable but I could probably get away with sizing down. Is it worth the £58 price tag? I'd say so.


  1. Love the monochrome midi dress. So stylish.

  2. I absolutely love that dress, I have had my eye on it for a while hoping it goes into the sale at some point... we can but dream! Anyway, you look fabulous in it - very much enjoying the brightly coloured shoes to go with the look.

    Zoe xx

  3. Love this dress on you, totally complements you! Black and white will never go out, which means this dress is an all year round occasion..woohoo!
    The red shoes pop out so fabulously and add a bit of colour to the mix. just fabulous all round lovely!

    Tam xox

  4. Very Nice , the design is very lovely and it really suits you.

  5. Beautiful dress indeed. You look good in the dress as well.

  6. love your dress hunni and your shoes are gorgeous too,you look absolutely fabulous xx

  7. Oh my gosh! you look gorgeous dear!! Xoxo

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! You wear it really well x

  9. Lovely outfit, that dress is so pretty!


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