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I've had a hair overhaul recently, you may have seen on my Instagram that my black barnet no longer exists. I've traded it in, in favour of becoming a brunette babe but my hair has taken a bleach battering. No fun. Frantically searching Google turned up the Jocio K-Pak At-Home 4-Step Hair Repair System which is recommended by a pletherer of hairdressers and has received rave reviews, so obviously, I gave it a whirl.

The Jocio K-Pak Shampoo is a rich and luxurious cream that gently cleanses your hair and replenishes amino acids to protect damage. If I'm honest, I didn't know how vital amino acids were to your hair and because I'm ever the sceptic I turned to google. It turns out amino acids are significant in promoting healthy hair, hair growth and even fighting against hair loss. I'm sold. The creamy shampoo feels more like liquid than others I regularly use and I do use more to lather up, which is a downside as the collection is pricey. Massaged into my scalp and gently through the ends of my hair, the luxurious shampoo feels kind to my locks. Although I feel like I'm being courteous to my hair using a shampoo that tends to it more, my hair doesn't actually feel any different to when I use Tresemme Salon Silk which is currently my 'holy grail' silicone-packed shampoo.

When it comes to conditioning, I'm all about that life. My hair is naturally thick, dry and coarse so I've always been aware of the difference a good conditioner can make. But having my barnet bleached recently and seeing the ends of my hair looking so porous and sorry for themselves, my current conditioner just couldn't cut it. I'm always searching for the wonder product that'll bring my hair back to life but ultimately I know cutting split ends off is the only way to get rid of them, that doesn't stop me dreaming though. Making an entrance, the Jocio K-Pak Conditioner is a specially formulated cream that transforms dry, weak and damaged hair by locking in moisture, protecting hair cuticles and delivering intense shine. The lightweight conditioner contains Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex which called for another google. I was about to have a little moan about all the fancy jargon brands use but discovering that Jocio combined DNA science and bio-mimicry to develop the most powerful, most targeted hair repair technology ever created left me stumped. I feel I should give Jocio a round of applause, not only does the fancy jargon sound astounding but the conditioner works amazingly. Massaging the rich conditioner into my lengths, ends and scalp I can feel my hair becoming silky soft against my hands. It only requires leaving on for 2-3 minutes for its magic to work which is a bonus if you don't have the time to hang about. My hair feels considerably healthier after I've used this conditioner and it's easier to manage. Genuinely, I'm not looking forward to finishing my small bottle as the full size product is more expensive than my usual hair care but I don't think I can be without it now.

Because of the bleach hammering, I've focused on at-home hair repair as much as I can so naturally, the Jocio K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor was high on my hit list. Containing the highest amount of Quadramine Complex (sorry what? it's basically Human Hair Keratin Protein in a variety of molecular sizes to suit all hair types) it guarantees an immediate difference in strength, texture and appearance of hair. It smells putrid, there's no other way of putting it - some have commented that the scent is similar to bananas but I have to disagree, it's pungent and it's almost a game-changer. If it didn't make a difference to the health of my hair, I wouldn't be using it. After shampooing, I massage the treatment into my hair and leave it working it's magic for 5 minutes. Almost like magic, my hair's manageable, feels stronger and is super shiny. It does what it says on the tin and for that, I'm grateful.

Finding the right balance between adding protein and moisture is the key to repairing damaged hair. Too much of one and not enough of the other can actually cause more damage and make your hair brittle. Ain't nobody got time for that. That's why I love the Jocio K-Pak Intense Hydrator. The balm-like treatment is formulated to restore lipids (more commonly known as fatty acids) in your hair and there's nothing I like more than hydrated, healthy locks. Similar to the other treatment in the system, I liberally apply it then rinse after 5 minutes of moisture wizardry. It works wonders. It only took one use to notice my hair softly swishing and feeling healthier. I've tested the elasticity of my hair, just because I'm a bugger like that and I like to know whether my products deliver what they promise, and it's improved - ever the pessimistic, I didn't think it would have. Delighted, I'll be repurchasing this gem until... well, until my hair's healthy as hell or I'm broke.


  1. My hair has been dyed and bleached way too many times, I may have to check this range out! It all sounds amazing, lovely photos too x

  2. I have used and abused my hair so much over the last 10 years that it is often dry and brittle. I love a good treatment, thanks for the review!

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  4. Great post, I've used one of Joico's leave in conditioner sprays and it's amazing!! My hair is so damaged from bleach, I'll definitely need to try out more of their products. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

  5. Fantastic, I'm looking for something decent for my hair x


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