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Face masks are a fantastic way to pimp your skincare routine, not only do they tend to be pretty quick and simple but you can feel the results immediately. And when I pamper my skin, I want to be able to notice. So as we're approaching the colder months, I'm sharing three of my favourite face masks I'm currently using to boost hydration and add moisture...

First in my line up is The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask (£24) which I was coaxed into buying by my fellow beauty junkies. Aimed at replenishing the appearance of your skin whilst you catch your beauty sleep. Edelweiss (which I previously thought was just a song, yes I'm that stupid, it's actually a plant) is the face mask's not-so-secret secret ingredient. Stems cells enrich the gel-like cream to deliver powerful skin cell renewing properties. The really fun thing about this face mask though is the texture of it, it's just as bouncy as the name suggests. Which is really weird and hard to describe and you'll probably have no idea until you've had a play. For that reason and for hygiene reasons (because nobody wants bacteria growing in their skincare products) it comes with a small spatula. The size of the spatula is a pretty good gage of how much of the face mask you need to use - a small amount covers your whole face. Despite being described as a 'sleeping' mask, I'd recommend applying this a good half an hour before bed time to avoid sticking to the pillow and well, just wiping the mask off before it initially absorbs in. It leaves a film-like tacky mask on your skin to works it's magic during the night, but come morning, your face feels fresh, smooth and healthy. It isn't a replacement for your moisturiser, it's designed to be used on top of it and it really does what it says on the tin. Plus, the humongous 90ml tub will last a lifetime.

A face mask I was introduced to earlier this year, the REN Glycolatic Skin Renewal Peel Mask (£32) has become a firm favourite of mine. Made with 5-6.5% glycolic acid (which is a percentage that'll actually make a difference) it's both gentle and effective at targeting dull and congested skin. The AHAs (which in a nutshell are an acid alternative to exfoliating with those nasty non-friendly environmental plastic beads) improve firmness and radiance, at the same as reducing fine lines, blackheads and blemishes. The first thing I noticed about the orange gel was the scent, to me it smells medicinal, quite like Calpol or the orange Nurofen I had when I was growing up. Although it's very potent, it's not off putting at all and I actually quite like it. I slather a generous amount of the face mask on to my skin and enjoy the tingle, I'm careful to abide by the timing directions though as I'm cautious of damaging my sensitive skin. It's presented as a 'peel' mask which is a bit misleading because it's not, I use a flannel or muslin cloth and warm water to remove it. Promising to leave your skin in optimum health, it does deliver. An instant pick me up producing cleaner and clearer skin, it's one to have on your skincare shelf.

The best thing about face masks are being able to switch them up whenever you fancy and Montagne Jeunesse really make that easy. I love that even if you're shopping in a supermarket and are on a budget, you can still treat you skin and enjoy some 'me' time. I could list a whole host of their masks I think are wonderful but the one I'm currently benefiting from is the Crushed Spearmint Tea Tree Face Spa Pore Cleansing Fabric Facial Mask (£1). It's a five minute beauty fix that awakens and revives your skin leaving it feeling clean, bright and fresh. Being a sheet mask, it's not just simple and convenient to use but it means your preventing any nasty bacteria getting onto your face from using your hands. I'm not a huge fan of touching my face, be it with make-up or skincare so fabric masks are perfect for me. The sheet mask feels cooling and it instantly livens up your face and eye area. I always have a stash of these masks and I'd recommend them to women young and old.


  1. I love the Ren mask and have had my eye on the body shop one for such a long time but wasn't sure but you've made my mind up for me :) I haven't ever tried the MJ masks either but will definitely have a look next time I'm out shopping :) fab post as always lovely xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. I recently bought the vitamin C one from the body shop but this is definitely on my list too!

  3. I've been wanting to try the body shop bouncy sleep mask for ages, your review has made me go and purchase.

    Great post lovely.

    Lauren Elizabeth | Itslaurenelizabeth

  4. The Body Shop one sounds amazing, I really want to try it! x

  5. i have the Ren face mask in full size just not tried it yet as i am trying to finish my other ones first. using Glamglow super clearing face mask currently and is amazing. have you tried that


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