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Straighteners have been making waves in the hair industry for decades now - ney, some would argue centuries - and the now indispensable tools are becoming state-of-the-art gadgets that we (over a third of us on this planet) cannot live without...

In terms of hair gadgetry, Babyliss has always been up there with the best in the biz. As well as the providing our locks with the latest innovative technology, they have remained affordable and accessible. In fact, I ditched the GHD straighteners of my youth for Babyliss hair straighteners.

The Babyliss 3Q Hair Straighteners (currently on offer at £45) expects to bring a whole new era to hair styling. Featuring Intelligent Sensor Technology with 'Protect Mode', Babyliss make tending to your locks that little bit kinder and little bit easier. It all sounds very fancy but basically the temperature adjusts as your hair passes through the plates. By detecting the characteristics of your hair, it can protect it from excessive heat exposure. Now, if you're anything like me, you'll likely be extremely sceptical and be pretty damn sure you won't be able to achieve a sleek 'do with lower heat settings. Having naturally thick, coarse and dry hair (which has most definitely been worsened by bleaching it) I whack the heat straight up to 235 degrees. The hotter, the smoother, right? The hotter, the more damaging. I tested sections of my hair with the Babyliss hair straighteners, some with highest temperature and others with 'Protect Mode' activated. The nifty sensor lowered the heat to 210 degrees, a slightly milder temperature, which performed perfectly and achieved the same smooth result. So it hasn't drastically reduced the heat but surely a drop of 25 degrees is beneficial to my hairs overall health.

I'm all about taming frizz (and maybe those pesky split ends) and the incredible ionic generator is the answer to my prayers. It conditions your hair, eliminates static and leaves you with a super smooth and glossy finish. A word of a warning might be important here, because of the ionic technology, the hair straighteners buzz slightly. This is normal. According to Babyliss this is the generator producing ions. Startling me at first, the noise is barely noticeable now and it certainly isn't enough to put me off this super hair styling tool.

Along these pretty cool features, the hair straighteners host a whole load more. More importantly, aren't they just designed beautifully? Rose gold accents flatter the matte black finish and with a long swivel cord, they're just perfect.


  1. ooh I like the sound of these-need a replacement for my GHDs which are soo hot.

  2. My favourite pair of "cheap" straighteners were by Vidal Sassoon but I've been a GHD fan for a while.. Maybe when I need some new ones of shop around and get a cheaper product. I love the sound of the new str8 brush.. Videos are amazing!

    Chelsea |

  3. These sound really good i haven't come apart from my ghd's but these sound good if i were ever to try something new.

  4. I really like the sound of the protect mode, I rarely use my GHDs now as I feel the heat is just far too damaging for my hair. These look really good :D

  5. I love the sound of these straighteners so much, the ionic generator has me intrigued. I've been looking to buy a new pair, I'll definitely look into getting these - they're quite affordable as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. I recently got some New Babyliss straighteners too and they were such an improvement from my previous ones! The really are comparable to the pricier brands :)

    Velvet Blush | Beauty Giveaway


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