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Our toolkit to the outside world, we rely on the contents of our handbags carrying the kitchen sink wherever we go...

Like a personal first aid kit, we carry beauty fixes, hair remedies and a thousand receipts from Superdrug six months ago in our handbags. Through the process of elimination and applying a whole load of self-discipline, I'm sharing four handbag essentials you don't want to leave home without.

Carex Hand Sanitizer isn't just for the germophobe. Touching railings, handles, ATMs and public toilets, picking up the bacteria of the many is enough for me to make hand sanitizer a staple. Sure, we all come into contact with germs every day but preventing a nasty cold, the flu or a seasonal bug is made easy with this sweet-smelling gel.Grabbing your lunch on the go is made a whole load cleaner.

Spending hours on end staring into our computer screen smartphones calls for a new fight-back product. The Bio True Rewetting Drops* instantly combat dry eyes, alleviating straining and tiredness. Being an on-off contact lenses wearer, eye drops have lived in my handbag for years. The glaring sun or brisk winter winds are my everyday nemesis and without eye drops, I wouldn't be able to wear contact lenses. This break-through solution hydrates the eyes by using everyone's favourite beauty ingredient; hyaluronic acid (at almost double the amount than others) by trapping and holding on to moisture. A pump makes the drops easy and effective to use, especially when traveling at speed with thirsty desert-like eyes from the toasty-but-torrid car heaters.

Carrying a fragrance like Thierry Mugler Angel is must for me. Wearing a pretty scent gives me confidence and catching the scent as the wind blows by always makes me perk up a little. Travel size perfumes are perfect for packing too, meaning you're always only one spray away from smelling fresh. No handbag would be complete without at least one product, my current favourite is MAC 'Rebel', which I carry for any midday touch-ups. Rather than carrying a collection that would rival Rimmel, pick out a nourishing balm and the lippy you're wearing on the day.

Wearing a slightly lighter load than usual, you'll feel organised and rejuvenated. For me, handbag clear outs are like a cleanse for the soul (slight exaggeration, but still). Although I can never leave home without the three T's; Tissues, Tampons and Tablets.

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  1. I love Thierry Mugler's Angel! I always have MAC's Creme Cup in my handbag, along with my Collection concealer and EOS lip balms.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. Loving the items, the MAC lippie looks right up my street.

  3. That lippy looks amazin! My bags usualy filled with nappys, wipes and baby stuff haha

    Umber x

  4. I never leave the house without hand sanitizer!! I wish it didn't dry out my hands though! =) I don't have Mac Rebel lipstick! I have to give that one a try! =)

    Melanie | Toots + Dill

  5. Angel is so lovely! <3 And the '3 Ts' is so damn true!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  6. Oooh I love that hand sanitizer! It's my fave :)
    Jennie Emma

    1. It's smell EXACTLY like bubblegum doesn't it? The strawberry laces one is perfectly pink but doesn't pack a punch like this one! xxx

  7. Beautiful lipstick! The photo is lovely too! Great post xx

    Jasmine ||


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