Christmas | York Christmas Market: St Nicholas Fair

It's the most wonderful time of the year. December brings all sorts of festive fun but t'is not officially the season to be jolly without a Christmas market coming to town. St Nicholas Fair is a magical market which leads a tinsel trail across 7 locations in York...

With a fresh chill in the air, James (the boyfriend) and I wrapped up to visit the annual festivities going down in York. Welcomed to the tinsel trail by the beautifully lit Christmas tree on Coppergate, we set about reaching Parliment Square through the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers, market goers cradling cups of mulled wine and the Christmas carolers playing out the most cheerful of tunes.

In the name of tradition, James picked up some freshly roasted chestnuts. Now, I've never tried them before and although I want to imagine myself cosy in front of an open fire, they're just like potatoes with a nutty aftertaste to me. Much like warm brandy, they just aren't my cup of tea. I want to say hundreds, but there probably isn't quite that many, snug chalets decorate the city centre with locally made goodies with a festive twist.

Amidst twinkling fairy lights is an array of goodies that make gift giving easy, the Thor's Tipi - a pop-up bar which mantra is to drink, feast, conquer and repeat, a donut kitchen and the locally famed Chilli Jam Man. James, with his mouth made of metal carefully selected the hottest of jams, which he can confirm is painfully hot, whilst I reached for some slightly milder chilli chocolate.

Wooden huts filled with festive foods such as German sausages, funky-flavoured fudge (namely jammy dodger, Christmas cake and my personal favourite marzipan) alongside brandy-laced hot chocolate and much more.

With some much to look at and so much to do, we just couldn't complete the tinsel trail. If you're a regular reader here (you SO should be) you'll know I have a chronic illness that limits my mobility, so this yuletide trail was a big day out for me. I'm feeling all the Christmas feels now, and if you're thinking of visiting York's magical market, which runs right up until the 23rd of December, you'll be sure of a good ol' time.


  1. Wow it looked like it was a wonderful colourful time. I got engaged at Edinburgh Christmas market two years ago, always wanted to go back

  2. I love a good Christmas market, this one looks so pretty! I love the photo of the tree, such an unusual one!

  3. The market looks amazing. I love a good german market as there are so many great things to look at x

  4. You've took some lovely photo's, I went to the market in York last week. It was so lovely and loved the tipi bar! xo

  5. These are absolutely stunning photographs, what camera are you using?

    1. Thanks lovely! I use the Fujifilm FinePix S8200 so it's nothing really fancy! xxx

  6. I have yet to really experience a Christmas Market... (runs and hides!) I'm not sure why this is, but I know in recent years (the last 3) going with a child is probs not the best of ideas.. Maybes next year I'll tag along with
    Looks lovely though. And ditto, roasted chestnuts aren't my thing either. Like you, I love the 'dream' of having them by the fire.. but no, it's not meant to



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