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My love affair with The Body Shop only really started last year when I was invited to some of their events, but since then I have been consistently impressed with every product I've got my hands on. So naturally, they were the first place I turned to when I noticed my skin changing and fortunately for me, it looks like they might be the perfect fit...

So, my skin is changing, that is a thing now. I have always had dry skin that has stayed fairly blemish free, a part from the odd angry red spot at the time of the month. For the most part, especially in my teens, I was lucky not to have to focus my skincare regime on battling acne or any skin problems. That has changed now and I don't really know why. I theorize it could be because of aging, diet changes, and of course my medication, but I have even read it could be the weather. My problem areas are my forehead, chin and nose, so I guess I am your bog standard combination skin type now.

The Body Shop dedicate their Tea Tree range to blemished skin so two of my picks are from there. The Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution (£12) is a pre-serum concentrate that promises to combat blemishes by reducing the production of excess oil. My first impression is a pretty positive one, mainly due to how the solution feels on my skin rather than any results I have seen, baring in mind I have only been using it for a week so it is hardly a fair trial. I use the serum, which is slightly thicker than water, on freshly cleansed and toned skin focusing on my problem areas. It spreads with ease but dries quite quickly in preparation for the Tea Tree Night Lotion (£10). The lightweight lotion, like the serum, is infused with organic pure tea tree oil to control excess sebum and keep the appearance of blemishes in check. With my newly detected skin changes, I only apply this lotion to where necessary, my t-zone. I instantly noticed a difference when I began using the lotion a week ago, because it only hydrates lightly, it made my skin feel 'just right'. It is not greasy in the slightest and it does just enough to replenish my skin. I'm really looking forward to finding out if this range has any impact on the appearance of my blemishes.

My next pick is the Drops of Youth Skincare Collection (£35), a gift set which would make the perfect present for any skincare lovers, containing the Drops of Youth Day Cream and the Drops of Youth Concentrate. Having used the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask before, I had a pretty good idea I would like more products from this range. It is all about replenishing moisture, making skin smoother and (hopefully) reducing the signs of aging. I always feel really old when I write the word 'aging', like that is a thing I am aware of now, wrinkling is my reality. I always wonder how you can really trial anti-aging skincare too, like brb in 15 years. However, the serum and moisturiser team up well to make a nice base for makeup. And that is all I can really tell you now right now, because I have only used them a handful of times. This serum, compared to the Tea Tree one, is thicker, richer and almost creamier. It remains light and refreshing though, and a little goes a long way. In the past I would have gone for a heavy duty day cream targeted at dry skin but given the shift in how my skin is behaving, I opted for an all rounder. Combination skin is a balancing act and so far so good with this velvety moisturiser. In keeping with my other picks, it is lightweight and absorbs quickly, and it seems to make my skin glow up rather than grease up.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how my skin reacts to a change in the type of skincare I treat it with. Do let me know what products you think work best for combination skin.

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