2016: A Gratitude List

I feel like it is beyond obvious and almost a meme now to say 2016 has been the worst year ever BUT IT LITERALLY HAS BEEN...

On a personal level 2016 has been shit. I wrote it off before it even began - I probably shouldn't have done that, but you know, mental illness. You can read more about that in my digital detox post, where I explain how an almost 12 month break from the internet has taught me a thing or two. Today though, I'm on a mission to find the silver linings and celebrate the good moments this weird (what word do you use to describe it?) year has brought me.

A U N T Y  C H A R L O T T E
I became an Auntie for the second time this year. My brother's babe of a girlfriend gave birth to the most precious baby boy in May. Freddie, the little brute, grows and learns new things every day and whilst it's so heart-warming and makes me stupidly proud, can he stay a baby forever please.

I  D R I V E  N O W
*insert my longest yeah boi clip here* Passing my driving test was a huge tick off my 'Sort Your Fucking Life Out' list. It had been a long time coming, hell I've been learning for years, but I worked my damn hardest and was handed my license back in April. I went on to buy my first car soon after, it's a beauty, and hit the road (albeit super nervously) with a new found freedom.

F U C K  B O Y S
Fuck 'em. I'm not one to talk about my love life online, I don't know why, I just tend to hold those cards pretty close to my chest. However, I broke up with my (now ex) boyfriend of 5 years this year and without sounding salty, it is hands down the best decision I made in 2016. Sure, it has been sad but I have surprised myself at just how okay it has been too. I guess that means time doesn't count for everything, right? I've been living in the 'post-breakup' phase for a while now and I'm not complaining about it. I feel so motivated and inspired to discover who I am again. It is amazing how switching up your style can give you a new sense of self, but having the 'freedom' to do things like that is quite empowering right now.

S H O U T  O U T S
I don't think you can ever tell people how appreciative you are of them too much, so I wanted to do a little name drop and thank people for being supportive, inspirational or just total babes to me in one way or another this year. Sophie, my brother's girlfriend, although she is more like a best friend to me, has been there when no one else has - thank you for that. Grace, who's blog is like a bible for me, has consistently inspired me to be better. Chloe, who teaches me one kick-ass post at a time to be unapologetically body positive. Tara, the period positive YouTuber and Blogger is unashamedly out there being a badass feminist, changing the view that periods are something to be whispered about and hushed, a view which I was brought up with. And Jess, who's hair would be mine if I was anywhere nearly cool enough to pull it off, reminds me that passion and hard work pays off. Plus she's a local girl, so shout out for repping Yorkshire.

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