5 Ways To Self Care When You CBA

So, self-care and hygge are the 'in' thing right now and to be honest, I'm okay with that. I don't know a whole lot about the latter but it is a trend I'm happy to get on board with. Or should I say a feeling?

I love that self-care does not discriminate and can be done is so many different ways, sure it could be going for long walks in the countryside and getting creative, but it doesn't have to be. Today, I'm focusing on smaller ways in which you can practice self-care for a moment of zen, whether you're physically or mentally unwell, or you know, just can't be arsed.

1. Log off. If you're not mindlessly scrolling some kind of social feed every 10 minutes, chances are you are glancing at your phone as each and every notification comes in. We live in such a digital world now that being disconnected can be daunting but learning to leave FOMO at the door and switching off can be bliss. Try turning off your phone or setting it to Airplane Mode (baby steps haha) and live for the moment. You can apply this in so many ways too; date nights, family time or just to enjoy moments without distractions. Bonus: Aside from your mind benefiting from a mini digital detox, your eyes also get a break from excessive blue light too.

2. Get comfortable and create a cosy space. No matter how comfortable clothes claim to be, they are not a match for pyjamas. Ever. Ever ever. Combine pyjamas with soft blankets, fluffy pillows and a space that feels safe, familiar and cosy and you're pretty much winning. I'm a huge advocate for taking every opportunity to feel snug and relaxed - there is no better feeling than taking your bra off, putting your pyjamas on and kicking back in your safe haven.

3. Treat yourself to a massage. I was recently invited for a free Reflexology treatment (to blog about) but sadly, I had to turn it down. It got me thinking though - a 30, 60 or 90 minute massage at the hands of someone else is a perfect way to take care of yourself without expending your own energy. That's important if you're saving spoons, tired or you know, just fancy a treat. Penciling a treatment in to a busy week allows you time specifically for relaxation and rest. It's a way of self-care that I want to try and do more in the new year.

4. Laugh. I guess this is pretty self-explanatory but lets do it for lols. Laughing is good for you, like really good for you. It decreases stress hormones, increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, releases feel-good chemicals and can even temporarily relieve pain - it can literally improve your health. For me, watching comedy is an escape. It is probably the only thing in the world that can help me fully relax. So whether you YouTube stand up routines, Netflix your favourite funny film or scroll social media for the memes - laugh.

5. Hydrate because you're probably thirsty. Most people, whether they notice it or not, are dehydrated. I am and I drink almost solely water every day, but I'm always conscious about drinking more. It is important for me because of my medication, however it also has crazy good benefits; it helps with your energy levels, concentration and productivity, flushes out toxins, and clears your skin. It might not be as cool as getting your adult colouring book out but it's a small way of self-care that can have a big impact. Also, hello... clear skin!

Self-care (and hygge I guess) play an important role in my life. I see them as acts of kindness towards yourself; to look after and appreciate your mind and body, and recognise feeling content, comfortable and in the moment. I love how contradictory it can be; it can be big, it can be small, it can be a whole day in a Spa or just 5 minutes mindfully applying body lotion. There is no one size fits all, it is incredibly individual and that is why I wanted to write this post. Whoever you are, there is a way to self-care and once you begin taking time out of your day to do so, you'll learn ways in which it helps you and appreciate the importance of it.

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