A Casual and Comfy Outfit

Plus size white woman wearing black jeans, black jumper, khaki River Island biker jacket, ASOS crocodile print loafers with Fiorelli handbag standing against a white wall
If two words sum me up, it's those up there. Well, pizza obsessed probably does more, but they're a close second...

Jumper: ASOS Curve
Jeans: Evans
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Fiorelli at ASOS

Today's outfit is pretty basic, but what can I say, I'm a basic bitch. It's made up of the comfiest plus-size jeans I have ever found, shout out to Callie for introducing me to them many moons ago, and a simple knitted jumper. Despite a new season feeling like it is on it's way, the weather seems to be defying that and I'm okay with it, I'm holding on to the colder months.

To go with my all black ensemble, because black is the new black by the way, I'm wearing one of the (far too) many new jackets I bought before Christmas, a khaki aviator. It's probably my favourite of the bunch to be honest, because it's so easy to wear. Like the rest of River Island's Plus collection, the jacket is true to size and fits well, which is something I've been super impressed with. It's no secret that when introducing a plus-size range, some brands wildly underestimate (or more than likely, are just plain ignorant of) how sizes should fit. So, top marks River Island.

Finishing this casual and comfy outfit are a classic pair of loafers with a jazzy crocodile print twist and a handbag fit to carry the kitchen sink. Both are easy to style and win points for practicality. I think a small cross body bag and a pair of leopard print boots would look pretty bomb too - classy or trashy, I'm digging that trend, Bet Lynch me up.

Are you, like me, holding on to your knitwear and cosy blankets or are you ready to embrace a new season?

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