Floral And Affordable Day Dresses

I've been digging through my wardrobe this week to find pieces that I can wear whilst the seasons transition from Winter to Spring, and I rediscovered the fuss-free floral day dress...

Leggings: ASOS Curve
Boots: New Look

This floaty little number (which feels floaty, if that makes sense, and is A+ quality) perfectly encapsulates 'all year round floral and affordable'. It has sleeves, pretty flute sleeves, making it winter appropriate whilst the pastel pattern can really pop paired with bright colours - think pink lipstick. Plus, it's literally half price in the ASOS sale right now.

There's just something about the humble floral day dress, it's like the safety net of dresses. You can get away with dressing it up, down, or just throwing it on. And they're pretty much timeless too. Is any wardrobe complete without one?

I've picked out my favourite floral's that will work all year round in your wardrobe.

You've gotta tell me I'm not alone, do you have a trusty floral dress sitting in your wardrobe?

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