Spring Fashion Wishlist

We're heading into Spring, it's happening, the weather is getting milder (despite Storm Doris, ffs), there's actual blossom on trees and I went out the other day without a coat...

I'll hold my hands up and admit I'm not the most fashion savvy - I'm the kinda girl that keeps up with current trends via Instagram, and I'm never too confident at what my 'style' actually is. Thinking about it, I don't really have a fashion niche. I tend to be influenced by the girls I'm crushing over mixed with what's on the plus high-street, although it never strays too far from feminine.

Pleated midi skirts were a hit last Autumn and Winter and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Paired with a tucked in fine knit, they look the bomb dot com. I'm eyeing up Elvi's PU skirt and desperately seeking a pastel pink one. Whilst we're on bottoms, lets talk about the frayed hem trend. I am totally on board with this, I'm liking a little detail at the ankle. I recently bought this pair from ASOS Curve but there's so many out there (*applauds plus retailers*) and I want them all.

Pink coats and jackets are causing a stir on the high-street at the moment too. Have you seen that super cute one in Primark? (Me neither but it's all over Instagram apparently). I have a love triangle-shaped hole where my pink jacket should be - Miss Guided Plus have a very nice pink biker that looks like a solid option for Spring, but there's also the beaut of a blazer from River Island Plus featured above. Really, I'd like both but ya girl ain't rolling in it. Dilemma.

On the footwear front, loafers are lyf. Gucci's Princetown loafers have made a huge impact on the high-street so I'm expecting to pick up a faux fur lined pair. Also "The nineties called, they want their kitten heels back" is what I imagine being shouted at me if I ever stepped out in a pair of kitten heels. They're not for me, not right now anyway, but I am a fan of the low block heel. I discovered this rose gold pair in the 'Wide Fit' section of ASOS and think they would jazz up any outfit.

And LOL I wish about the Gucci mini bag.

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