The £11 Face Mask I Bloody Love

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Face Mask flatlay on a book with silver ribbon and an IKEA fake plant with a white background
The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Face Mask flatlay on a book with silver ribbon and an IKEA fake plant with a white background
If you're new round here (hi, hello, I'm Charlotte) you might not realise you've stumbled upon a gal who bigs up The Body Shop's skincare on the regular (regular in my posting schedule, probably not yours, oops). Today I'm sharing my love for their Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask which my basic ass, simple ass flippin' adores...

This little pot of joy has a pretty stable place in my skincare routine after 3+ months of using it twice a week - and there is still loads of product left. I grew up on the good ol' 99p Montagne Jeunesse face masks you picked up with your weekly big shop, but on the affordability front, this mask runs circle around them per use.

I use my fingers to apply the mask, using a small spatula to scoop the clay up because hygiene, but you could use a brush. In fact, I'd recommend a brush because why not? I've just not got my life together in that way (yet, *scribbles 'face mask brush* on shopping list). The smell is very tolerable for tea tree, in fact, I like it. It feels cooling when applied, some people report a tingle, which although I don't experience, I do feel like it's 'working'. It dries, but not to the point of face cracking if you leave it on too long, and washes off easily, revealing a fresh face.

Blonde girl holding and wearing (having applied) The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Face Mask against a white background in a bathroom setting

The thing is though, it actually works. It does clear skin and leave you fresh faced. It really does have an effect on spots and glasses acne (which wtf, I've been a glasses wearer - full and part time - for like 20 years now and I've only just started getting it). With regular use, and even not-so-much regular use because sometimes I accidentally sleep in my makeup, it's the first thing I turn to, and it does something. It cleans and clears and settles and makes me feel less guilty about the whole sleeping in my makeup thing.

But okay, onto the ingredients, it's probs not filled with the best in the world, although I will point out it's purifying tea tree oil is grown from the foothills of Mount Kenya. But it works for me, for now. I'm at that age where I know fine lines and wrinkles are looming but I still don't want to spend a lot of dollar on skincare (mainly because I don't have a lot of dollar but also my Mum has pretty great skin for her age and despite her having a consistent regime, her skincare has never been super high-end).

So there ya go. Since my skin began changing and becoming oilier, the Tea Tree range has been my go to for products in battling blemished skin. And this mask, this eleven quid mask, it's worth the purchase if your skin is in any way oily (this includes combination skin - whack this on your t-zone and multimask the rest of your face).

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