A Light & Illuminating Summer Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation on a bright and white background, with pinky red flowers and petals for a beauty blog review
With sunshine, comes the melty face gif, and now my solution for preventing it...

I've always been a full coverage kinda girl, whether it's because I'm hiding hormonal spots, or because I don't have confidence in my own skin, it's what I've always known since I started wearing makeup. (My first foundation, like everyone elses, was Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, and yep, I caked that bad boy on). So when I came across Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation (£32) and I actually thought I could pull it off, never mind just survive with it on, I was pretty damn thrilled.

Here's why. It's light and feels almost weightless on the skin, which for warm summer days is so ideal for me. But not just that, it flawlessly blends with the skin - a huge contrast from the almost masking effect a full coverage base has. Beyond that, the formula itself is just great. I'm trying to find the perfect word to describe it; luminous, brightening, awakening, dewy? It's all those things and more.

I've been wearing the foundation with the Wonder Glow Primer (£38.50) and it's honestly a dream combo to wear. I only have a sample tube of the primer (a perk to shopping on the Charlotte Tilbury website, yeah boi) but I cannot express enough how brilliant is it. It's sunkissed in a bottle. It is radiance in a tube. It. Is. Everything.

This foundation is a light coverage, but it's buildable. I use a damp beauty blender to build the product up a little where I need to, whilst it sits like a second skin on the clearer parts of my face. I really like how hydrating the foundation is too, and just how different it is from a typical, much thicker base. Can ya tell I've never been near a tinted moisturiser? Haha. I find the wear-time to be pretty good, it lasts and looks fresh all day, albeit on super hot summer days, you will catch me blotting my t-zone. Attractive. That's not a big deal for me, but it's something to consider if you're looking for a foundation to stand 30 degree heat with no touch ups. (If you find one like that, link me up bbz).

Overall, it's a beautiful foundation. One I wouldn't not want to have in my collection. I'm not entirely sure if it's as pore minimising as it claims to be, but hey, I can let that one slide. The shade range is... good if you're really dark, which, is a let down. Do better CT. I'm a 'Medium 6' for reference, and *pats self on back* I matched myself perfectly using the online foundation finder. Without wanting to wish away the sunshine, you can bet your ass I'll be investing in Charlotte's higher coverage, Magic Foundation.

(Soz there's not a photo of the foundation in action aka me wearing it, but the bags under my eyes are definitely not chanel, and the pimples on my face are having a party right now. I'm hoping to update the post with one within the week. Pray for my skin).

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