Pretty In Pink For Navabi

If there's any colour that I dig, it's pink. Since I was a little girl picking out which colour heels my barbie would be wearing that day, to now, picking up everything in that colour if it's an option...

Blazer - Navabi
Dress - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Primark (Similar)
Sunglasses - Primark (Similar)

But, I rarely wear it. I dunno why? I'm a sucker for all black everything *is essentially a goth* because it's safe. However, I do like a little pop of colour and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, so when I spotted this pastel pink blazer on Navabi, I full on heart-eyed. Pink + blazer = a very happy me.

Navabi is a brand I'd seen all over social media, not only for their fabulous clothes, but for the work and campaigning they do for body positivity. Get you a company that can do both. If you're new to them too, I'd seriously suggest checking out their #MorePlusPlease campaign, in which they photoshopped plus-size women onto your fave magazine covers, in response to the lack of visibility in traditional media. Bloody brilliant eh?

Anyway, the blazer. It's SUPER high quality. It's sturdy? But not too thick and sturdy? It feels like it could last a lifetime. And not just because of the quality, the cut and structure feel timeless too, like a real investment piece. I'm really impressed with the fit also, it's true to size, but if anything, loose.

I love how versatile blazers are, but this one in particular works with so many looks. Here, I obviously paired it with something super feminine and pretty, but on Navabi's Instagram you can see it styled a little edgier. I think it would look cool (urgh, anyone that says the cool is inherently uncool, fact) worn with retro pieces too. It also carries a basic tee and jeans (in fact, I have a pic wearing that which I'll pop up on Twitter). I mean, when will your blazer ever?

What looks are you living for this summer?
*This post contains a FREE gift.

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