L'Oreal Colorista 1 Day Colour Spray

A lil known fact about me: I bloody love alt-coloured hair - mermaid, unicorn, super bright, or the palest pastel, I think it's A Look. One I'm no way cool enough to pull off, but one that I tried...

So, you know that glitter hairspray your Mum used to get you for a special occasion; a birthday party, a school disco, maybe Halloween? It got everywhere, it made you cough your lungs up, but it actually looked quite alright. Well, L'Oreal have only gone and released something pretty similar, except with less glitter and more colour, an adult aerosol if you will. Part of their new Colorista range, the 1 Day Colour Spray comes in 7 different shades including ultra-vibrant brights and pastels. In the name of science, I picked up 'Hot Pink'. WTF was I thinking?

With L'Oreal's promise that the temporary colour would wash out at the end of the day, I set about spraying my hair HOT-BLOODY-PINK! Following the instructions on the can to a tee, I protected my clothes with a towel, shook the tin, and started spraying my hair 15cm from my head. First things first, it gets everywhere. I literally found it in between the blinds and on the soles of my feet. But it was easy to use, and I learned to manipulate the aerosol to achieve the Sprinkle-of-Glitter-esque look I was going for. There was no way that little can could was going to cover my full head of hair.

Whilst waiting a minute for the spray to dry, as directed by the application guide, you can bet your ass I stood staring in the mirror mouthing "what the fuck have I just done", and shouting for my Mum to come look, before being told off by her. After washing my hands approximately 2482439 times, and snapping a pic, it was time to brush it out.

Brushing out the spray took the colour from almost neon, to a more wearable, but still bright, hot pink. So, it kind of worked. It did make my hair hot pink, which was it's first objective, and granted it was so transferable, I only had to glance at the colour and it would appear on each and every finger tip twelves times, but ya gal had pink hair. Or does have pink hair. Ain't that right, Jan from Complaints? (Soz, that was a bit sassy, but I've honestly been the most patient and polite gal whilst trying to resolve the predicament this product has left me in).

When it came to washing out the 1 day colour, which I didn't leave in too long, I ended up having to scrub, I repeat scrub my hair with a clarifying shampoo four times. At which point the lather and water ran clear, my hair felt seriously dry, and I still had pink hair. Patchy pink hair. Nice. I left it (with the rest of my problems, haha) overnight, and thoroughly shampooed it again, twice, in the morning and applied a much needed Olaplex No. 3 treatment.

Cut to me in the hairdressers, only a day later. Yep, '1 Day' this colour is not. It stained my healthy hair a horrible and patchy dirty pink. And despite being bleached (yes, bleached), I still have pink staining through some of my ends - and not in a cute way.

Understandably, I've been pretty pissed about this. However, I've reserved in saying so on social media, knowing that L'Oreal, a brand well known for it's trustworthy products, and it's friendly relationship with bloggers, would want to resolve the situation. The social media team for L'Oreal Paris? Absolute babes. Diamonds. Couldn't apologise enough, and acted as a middle man between me and Complaints several times. I wish I could say the same for the complaints department, but, and I really wish I didn't have to say this, they have been nothing but short, unforthcoming, and damn right rude to me. I've spent a long time over the last week filling out questionnaires, and sending a shit-tonne of photographic evidence, not to mention the money I have lost due to the product's false '1 Day' claim, yet Jan's investigation hasn't turned anything up. Sit down Sherlock, there's no competition from this one.

Is this a reflection of L'Oreal? I'm not sure, I honestly do feel really disappointed. I imagine if I was a blogger with a larger following, and more influence, my issue would have been resolved. However, it's important to note that if you choose to take your chances with this spray (which would be perfect for festival hair), you may end up with a colour that's permanent, and an unresponsive complaints department. Unless you're packing a few followers, which if you are, please tweet my post to them.

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