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Plus size blogger wearing Yours Clothing camo jacket, choker top, black skinny jeans, white cork sandals, with a Starbucks and a handbag, against a white garage background
Don't mind me, just hitting you up with another outfit post. This time from my pals over at Yours Clothing, they contacted me and asked if I'd like to pick out a few items to try, which durrrr, I freakin' love Yours Clothing, so obviously I said yes. So that's how I spent my weekend, wbu?

Shoes: *place your guesses* Yours Clothing

Can we just take a moment for jeans. (Sorry for saying jeans a lot). A good pair of jeans are the base to any wardrobe. A good pair of jeans can take your bad day and make it good. A good pair of jeans can lift your bum, find you a man, and create GOOD GENES. Being such a wardrobe staple, I've been wearing the Black Super Stretch Skinny Jeans to see how peachy they can make me look. Not very, but ya gal's got a flat ass and lumpy legs, so. However, they are hands down the comfiest jeans I've ever worn. I thought I knew comfy jeans, but man, Yours Clothing are taking it to another level. I'm talking actually wearing them in the house instead of pyjamas jeans. I know you won't believe me, but try them - and when you do, I'd recommend sizing up, or at least double check the sizing guide because they run a little small. Thank me later.

Challenge: put a choker top on without getting foundation on it. The struggle between not wanting to rub your orange foundation on your new top, and not wanting to stretch the choker is real. How lovely are these choker tops though? I've been eyeing them up, and featured them on my summer wardrobe wishlist, so I'm pretty chuffed I got to try one out. I'm wearing the Oversized Choker Top and ngl, I bloody love it. It hangs beautifully and is super flattering. Catch me wearing this all year round tbh. (I feel kinda sassy in it, is that a good thing? It feels like a good thing. Yasss, go me).

I would talk about the jacket, but y'all can't see it, hahaha lame. I'm wearing the Khaki Camo Jacket, which comes with little multi-coloured gem embellishments on the pocket, which do look cute, but I like that they can be simply removed. The jacket is made of a woven cotton mix, and feels like a very relaxed denim, but it's not thick, and is perfect for cool summer evenings, and will see you right into autumn. It's a longline cut, like all the cool kids wear, and covers your bum. It's pretty much a must-have if you ask me.

Accessories wise, I've gone for a Starbucks - I know, am I not basic enough? And these beaut White Two Strap Cork Sandals that I really dig. They're a flatform, are super comfortable, and are literally the sandals I've been looking for all summer. For my wide fit gals, they're a generous EEE fit too. They come in two colours ways (pretty sure I'm going to have get the others) and are so versatile, they will make any outfit look cute. Last minute thought - they would be so ideal for throwing in your bag for a holiday.

I love that each piece can easily be dressed up, down, and worn with something completely different. Did someone say capsule wardrobe? I'm super impressed with the jeans, so much so, I think this is where I buy my jeans now. And I need to wear some red with that camo jacket.

*This post contains FREE gifts.

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