Joico Blue Shampoo: A Must Have For Brassy Blondes

Joico Blue Shampoo on white background, flatlay, with greenery leaves
Aside the plethora of haircare on my (definitely overfilled) bathroom shelves, sits Joico Blue Shampoo, a game-changing hair product I couldn't be without...

Over the last year or two, I've gradually lightened my hair, from a very harsh black to well, I didn't mean to go blonde, but a light blonde colour. Throughout the process, as expected, my hair has been various colours, some more brassy than others (I think it's safe to say you won't be catching me with orange hair anytime soon), but for this last six month leg I've had a little blue bae.

Okay, so I know I should probably start by telling you how well the product works but OH MY GOSH IT SMELLS OF MY CHILDHOOD. Did anyone else love Hubba Bubba bubblegum as a kid? Pretty sure I used to live for that shit. And this, it smells exactly like it - delicious. (It totally reminds me of spending my summer holidays in the local library playing Groovy Chick games online and having bubblegum blowing contests. I can't remember if I won, but with a solid two pieces in, I'm claiming at least a handful of victories. Did someone say wild child?).

So, why a blue shampoo? Well much like purple/violet based shampoo, it counteracts unwanted tones in the hair. We all know purple shampoos do a cracking job on pale yellow blonde, well this blue shampoo makes knocking out that nasty orange brassiness look a doddle. You can use it in place of your regular shampoo, as often as needed (probs not everyday though babes, chill), but I've found the best method for me is to mix it with purple shampoo - not necessarily in my hands, I tend to concentrate it towards my ends, whereas I like to use purple shampoo for the rest of my hair. It doesn't seem to affect how the shampoo performs, but I do leave in on for 10-15 minutes to do it's thang. Then viola, dare I say blonde bombshell? No I daren't. Delete that.

As a shampoo, particularly one that acts as a toner, it isn't very drying. I mean, it probably is to some extent - it's gotta work, right? But as I follow with a hair mask or a deep conditioner, it really isn't something I notice. So, it's non-drying, brilliant at keeping brassy tones at bay, and it smells amazing, is there anything bae can't do? Well, and I only bring this up because I've seen a lot of reviews online misinterpreting what the shampoo is for, it won't make your hair lighter. Sure, it makes it brighter and removes orange tones, but it ain't taking you from brown to blonde bbz. It's been designed to use on pre-lightened blonde hair (which it does a bloody good job at), not for brunettes.

If you are blonde, thinking about going blonde, or are in the process of going blonde, I'd 100% recommend this little blue bottle of magic. (The bottle isn't all that little actually, 300ml - pretty good value for money). It's also worth checking out their K-Pak range, some of the best nourishing haircare on the market. Treat yo goodselves.

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